Why Would I Choose Adoption?

Jul 9, 2020 | Birth Mothers

We are so glad you asked that question.  Whether you find yourself in an unexpected pregnancy or a parenting hardship we applaud you for considering what your future and your child’s future could look like.

Women choose adoption for many reasons, but at the heart of each choice is a heart of love for their child.  While some women make the choice because they are unable to provide for their child, other women choose adoption to give their child the family that they themselves always wanted.  For birth mom, Kelly, she wanted her child to have both a mother and a father.  You can watch Kelly’s adoption video HERE.

There are so many reasons that you might choose adoption.  The list would out number the amount of pages you could read.  Whatever reason brings you to making this decision it will be your own, and it will be the right reason for you.  As you come to that conclusion, you should understand what adoption is and what it is not.

Since you are considering adoption as an option for you and your child, here are a few things you should know;


  • You have rights in the adoption process. Adoption is a legal process.  In the state of Tennessee there are laws that protect your rights as a birthmother.  These include the right to choose the adoptive couple and know certain information about them before making your choice.  You have a right to financial assistance for a period of time during and after pregnancy for pregnancy related expenses. You have a right to see your child before you place him/her for adoption.  You have a right to stop the adoption process at any point for any reason prior to signing the surrender form in front of a judge and for three days after.  Click here to read the full Tennessee Birth Mother Bill of Rights.


  • Adoption is a life long journey. Though there will be a day when you surrender your parental rights and your child will be placed with and raised by the family you choose, the adoption journey continues as you move forward in the goals and dreams for your life.  This can include building a relationship with the adoptive family and your child either via a private social media page, letters and pictures, or visits with the family.  This can also include a continued relationship with your Caseworker who will help you as you pursue your goals.


  • Adoption is not giving up or giving away your child or your parental responsibility.  A loving parent takes responsibility by making a plan to care for the needs of their child.  A loving parent will sacrifice their own desires to ensure that their child is nurtured, safe, and well.  You show parental responsibility when you make an adoption plan.  Through this process you are making plan for your child to thrive.  You will sacrifice many things by making and fulfilling an adoption plan.  It is not the easiest choice, however, it is a life-giving, and loving choice to give your child a good future.



By knowing what adoption is and what it is not, you can make a well thought out plan for your unexpected pregnancy or parenting hardship.  Hope Center desires to support you during this critical time in your life.  Whether you choose to make an adoption or parenting plan, Hope Center can provide you with free counseling, connection to needed community resources, help you set and achieve your goals, and provide you with pregnancy support even after delivery.


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