Waiting Families

Hope Center serves Christian families by providing affordable domestic infant adoption services. It is our mission to nurture forever families through Christ-centered counseling and adoption services. Hope Center provides each family with:

  • Home study services which include criminal history and background screenings, adoptive parenting education, and preparation for the adoption journey
  • Legal representation
  • Connection to adoption grant and support services while you are awaiting your child
  • Post-adoption support

Hope Center is honored that you would consider making us a part of your family’s journey. To schedule an introduction meeting with one of our staff or to ask additional questions, please contact us at the phone number below.

Annette & Marcelo

Hello, we are Annette and Marcelo.  We have been married for 24 years.  After several years of trying to start a family through treatments and medications, we feel God has led us to his plan of adoption.  We are aware of what might have brought you to this page, and we pray that you will find the right choice for you.  We would love for you to get to know us through our short video.

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In our careers in mental health counseling and fitness training, we both have had many opportunities to work with children, and absolutely love that our professions allow us to do so. As a mental health counselor, Annette helps children to improve their self-esteem and social skills as they deal with anxiety, depression, and issues that are unique to adoption. She is a magnet to children wherever she goes! Marcelo is a fitness and sports teacher who specializes in tennis, soccer, and strength training. Marcelo works with children to develop their strength and self-esteem through athletics, often times putting them on the path to earning collegiate scholarships and recognition for their hard work, ability, and success.
As a couple, we have very solid core values that we believe will help us provide love, stability, and security to a child. We are so ready to become parents, as we both work from home and have flexible work schedules that allow us the opportunity to provide individual time, understanding and support.

We truly believe that adoption is the blessing we have been waiting for to fulfil our dream of becoming parents. Our faith in God is our steering wheel, and with God all things are possible… Matthew 19:23

God Bless you
Annette and Marcelo

Joseph & Kristen

Hello, we are Joseph and Kristen. Adoption is very special to us. Joseph’s brother was adopted, and we adopted our daughter three years ago, and we honor the sacrifice that was made on her behalf by her birth mother. We are excited to grow our family again through adoption. We would love to share more of our story with you through our video.

Kevin & Elizabeth

Hello, we are Kevin & Elizabeth. We have been married for 10 years. Kevin came from a large family, and we have always envisioned a large family. Due to infertility we have journeyed through invetro and surrogacy. We have known that adoption would also be a part of our journey. You are brave for considering adoption for your child. Thank you for watching our video and considering our family as a part of your story.


Seth & Lachelle

Hello, we are Seth and Lachelle. We are excited to walk the journey of adoption after experiencing infertility. We believe that adoption is a gracious and brave decision. Thank you for taking time to get to know us through our video.

Steve & Stephanie

Hello, we are Steve and Stephanie. While dating, we discovered that we both desired to adopt once married. We consider the opportunity to parent a child through adoption as a blessing. We hope you will take time to get to know more about us through our video.

Tim & Heather

Hello, we are Tim, Heather, and Jonathon. We completed Jonathon’s adoption in 2020. Having a relationship with his birth mother has been an honor. Our adoption experience has been wonderful, and we look forward to having another child through adoption. We would love for you to hear more about us in our video.

Jared & Megan

Hey! We are Jared and Megan. We have been married for 11 years and have 3 children. We have experienced the joy of adoption in our extended family, and we look forward to experiencing adoption again. We do not take the decision to place a child lightly. We are honored you would consider this option. Please take a moment and hear our hearts by watching our video.

Ryan and Rachel

Hey there, we are Ryan and Rachel. We know that God has lead us to adoption as we have prayed for a long time. We are thankful you would be reading this, and we hope you will take some time to learn more about our heart for you in our video.

Ethan & Emily

Hello, we are Ethan and Emily. Thank you for watching our video. We have been on the adoption journey for over a year. After praying about becoming foster parents, we feel that private adoption is right for us. We know this is a big decision for you, and we respect you for considering adoption.

Joe & Sheila

Hi, we are Joe and Sheila. We began the adoption journey a few years ago, but we put it on hold when we found out we were unexpectedly pregnant. We look forward to this journey, and we hope you know we understand this may be difficult for you. We respect you for choosing life for your child, and feel thankful you would learn more about us through our video.

T.C. and Lexie

Hi! We are T.C. and Lexie! We have been married for almost 6 years and are the parents to two very sweet, wonderful boys! Our parents raised us in a loving Christian environment, teaching us to value our time, honesty, structure, kindness and helping others! We know that choosing adoption is a difficult decision for you, and we so deeply hope that you know and understand that you are loved, and that your decision is so selfless and heroic. We truly admire you for your courageous decision, and are grateful that you would take the time to learn more about our family and why we are choosing adoption!

Luke and Erin

Hey there! We are Luke and Erin! Our story began over nine years ago when we first started dating at the ages of 16 and 17. We have been married for over three years, and for this last year, have been trying to grow our family together. Unfortunately, we have experienced several pregnancy losses in this year, and through our journey, we continue to gain the confidence that our path is to choose adoption and to walk forward with you. Both Erin and I grew up in very loving, Christian homes, and know that how we were raised fuels our passion for having and parenting children. We know that considering and choosing adoption is a very difficult decision for you to make, and we want you to know that we truly appreciate and respect you for your choice, and are honored that you would choose to learn more about our family!

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