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Feb 13, 2020 | Birth Mothers

Have you ever had that moment when something became so clear you were both scared and in awe? That is the presence of God. It’s that same feeling you get when you stand on the edge of a 100 foot waterfall, on the shore of a raging sea, in the depths of a cave … all of these God breathed places. That same God conspired to put you exactly where you are too.

The moment I saw how intricately and fully adoption had been woven throughout my life I knew it was not for me to quietly acknowledge and move on. It was another story I had been entrusted with; another community I have been called to advocate for. My name is Raquel and I am an adoptee, a birthmom and an adoptive mom.

My own adoption isn’t official. I was raised by my grandparents, they gained custody but never finalized the adoption. For all of their love and support they certainly didn’t know how to address the issue of my absent biological mother in a healthy way. Though my grandfather was a man of few words my grandmother made up for his lack. I grew up hearing things like, “She didn’t want you but we did” more often than necessary. I’ve still never asked why she felt the need to belittle her in order to lift herself up. I would have loved my grandma the same without the constant reminder of how unwanted I was.

As an adult I’ve met my birth mom’s other children, my half siblings. She truly didn’t want to mother any of us, it seems a hard life of addiction left only a shell of who she might of been. She lives in my hometown and if she ever stood beside me in Kroger I wouldn’t have known it was her. I think I’m okay with that.

Fast forward..I was fourteen years young when I discovered I was pregnant. Most of the months to follow were a blur. Although I don’t remember every specific detail, I definitely remember every emotion: fear, anger, sadness, hopelessness, failure, fatigue … the list goes on. As with many unplanned pregnancies I had guardians that didn’t exactly know how to support me in a healthy way. My own emotions were solidified by silence, hurtful comments, insensitivity and anger.

By the grace of God, I chose an amazing woman to be the mother of the child I birthed and yet I no longer knew how to approach her. My own insecurities coupled with the ones piled on me from others led me to believe that I was no longer a valued part of their relationship. I had fulfilled my role and now it was time to step back. As the years passed and depression took deeper roots I found myself looking online for information that might give me hope.

What I found was the opposite. I found women still hurting. Women who had aged and never met the child they longed to know. I met women still struggling through loss and grief. My birth daughter’s mom was and is absolutely amazing. She had no idea how I felt because I never communicated these emotions. I felt it was my own burden to bear. Still, she faithfully sent letters and photos every year, and behind the scenes (for me at least) was making sure that our girl knew the reason behind my decision was one of love; paving the way for a healthy relationship to evolve.

Nine years after placing my daughter, eight years after seeing her for the last time, the adoption agency called me with news that would change the rest of my life. My birth daughter’s family had contacted them to see if I would be willing to meet.

My first born wanted to know me and I was in absolute shock. I was under the impression that I legally couldn’t see her until she turned eighteen. This phone call rocked my world.

I walked into that first visit equally as scared as I was excited. I wanted to hug her and kiss her, tell her how I thought of her every day and prayed for her every night. I wanted to hold her and not let go until our visit was over but I was afraid to do any of that. I knew she knew of me but she didn’t know me like I knew her.

So I waited. Once the shock subsided her mama encouraged her to hug me and so she did. That was 7 years ago as my beautiful girl is nearly 16 now. Our relationship has continued to grow more comfortable over the years, she is actually spending the night with us tonight! Her parents have truly been incredible. They have not only loved her well but they have loved me well. Throughout these past seven years I have always wanted to honor both my birth daughter and her parents but based on everything I read I didn’t know how to be enough without being too little or too much.

The truth is, every relationship is different and an open adoption is no exception. The relationship we have may be more or less than what another family is able to accommodate. Her parents had to take time to know me and my heart before entrusting me with their blessing and I am so incredibly grateful they did.

I could look back on my past and dwell in the dark moments, but I have chosen to see the light, find peace and live life joyfully, acknowledging God’s hand in it all. I am exactly where I’m meant to be.

To continue to read more about my adoption experience as a birth mom in an open adoption and an adoptive mom pursuing adoption while living nomadically, visit my blog at Mccloudlife.com and for more frequent updates follow our adventures on Instagram @mccloudlife and mama, take a deep breath and just remember to love.

“Love does no harm to a neighbor, therefore love is the fulfillment of the law” -Romans 13:10

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